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  • Edit your own Website with WordPress
  • Compatible with any mobile Device
  • Custom Designs
  • Custom Website Copy
  • Analytics
  • E-Commerce
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Get Found on the Web

  • In-site SEO
  • External SEO
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Analytics
  • Progress Reports
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Get listed in Local & National Directories
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Marketing Collateral

  • Graphic Design
  • Signs
  • Business Cards
  • Brochures
  • Direct Mail Pieces
  • Merchandise
  • Office Stationary
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Everything Else for Your Small Business

  • Video Editing
  • Photography
  • Copywriting
  • Branding
  • Social Media Marketing
  • And Much More…
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Design, Development, Analytics, Security & Maintenance

Everything a Business Needs to get Started on a Small Budget


Complete these 3 Easy Steps for Your Website

1. Choose from thousands of website themes.

  • Visit a website such as wordpress.org/themes/ and let us know which theme you would like to use for your website, or I can find one for you. Colors and fonts can be modified by request.
  • Looking for features you don’t see in the theme you want? Just ask me – I can provide just about any website feature you are looking for.

2. Tell me what pages you want in your website.

  • Most websites have pages for the services, an ‘About Us’ page, and a ‘Contact’ page. Send me a list of the pages you would like in your website.
  • Fewer pages are generally better – it can be difficult for the visitor to find the content they are looking for if there is too much content to wade through.

3. Submit your website content.

  • Write up your web page copy in word processing software such as Microsoft Word and email them to .
  • You will also want to provide photos of your products & services, staff, facility (inside and out), and anything else you want to represent your business.
  • That’s it! Leave the rest to me.

Website Features

Edit Your Website with WordPress
Nowadays, you likely won’t need a dedicated PHP developer to build applications for your website – pretty much anything you can think of can be done in WordPress and it’s thousands of free plugins. This leads to more efficiency on many levels when developing your website. WordPress offers enough functionality for most of the websites out there – which is why 22.5% of all websites are now based off of the WordPress CMS (content management system). A CMS is the way to go for small businesses – your business is most likely constantly changing and you will need to make updates to your website as soon as that happens.  If you do not have a CMS, you will have to pay a web developer to make those updates for you.

You Will Have a Mobile Website People Will Actually Want to Use
During the planning stage of most websites, the mobile visitors should be as much of a factor as the desktop version of your site. For 30% of Americans, a mobile device is their primary way of accessing the Web. Check out the difference of the old and new mobile version of OsseoSmiles.com.  All mobile websites use a simple layout, large, easy-to-read text and click-to-call buttons for added convenience.

Websites Compatible with all Major Browsers & Displays
All websites are tested on all current browsers, tablets and smartphones to ensure all visitors have a good experience no matter what display or device they are using.

Keep track of who, where and when people visited your website with monthly reports directly to your email.

Basic SEO
Internal SEO – Website copy is not only important for engaging your visitors and creating a sense of trust and competence, it also helps determine where you are listed in the search engines based on your site’s keyword placement. Search engines look for unique copy for your business and penalize you if you copied it from another website.  I will work with you to ensure you are using the correct keywords for your business and the user’s searches.

External SEO – I can set up 50 – 100 directory listings to point to your website.  Search engines like Google will see your website as more relevant, thus giving a higher search results ranking.  You will also get added traffic from the directories themselves.

Looking for a website capable of selling products or services directly from the website? Sign up for a PayPal account to have online payments directly transferred to your bank account. I often use it to accept payments for my own services. PayPal is the most trusted 3rd-party transaction service in the world – which is important to get the customer to take that last step in completing their purchase. It is also easy to manage, secure, and the transaction fees are low, which is why I encourage most small businesses to start with this option. You can go ahead and sign up for the free account here before we work on the website.

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200 + websites developed. Here are just a few of them.

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